Moose Canada And Maple Leaf Canadian Premium Souvenir Gift

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Elevate your table settings and protect your surfaces with the S/4 Glass Coaster 4x4" featuring the iconic Moose and Maple Leaf designs, the embodiment of Canadian spirit. These premium glass coasters are more than functional; they are a tribute to Canada's natural beauty and cultural heritage. Crafted with precision, these coasters are designed to not only look exquisite but also offer robust protection against heat and liquid. Whether for personal use or as a thoughtful gift, these heavyweight glass coasters make a statement about your love for Canada.

Iconic Canadian Designs: These coasters proudly showcase the Moose and Maple Leaf designs, symbolizing the essence of Canada's wildlife and cultural pride.

Tumbled Glass: The coasters are designed on tumbled glass, adding a unique and artistic texture to each piece.

Heat and Liquid Resistant: Sealed for protection, these coasters effectively guard your surfaces against the heat of your favorite beverages and any liquid spills.

Cork Backing: The coasters are backed with cork, providing stability and preventing scratches on your tables and countertops.

Dimensions: Each coaster measures a generous 4" x 4", offering ample space for your drinkware.

Premium Weight: Weighing 280g, these glass coasters have a substantial feel, conveying quality and durability.

Thoughtful Gift: Whether you're a Canadian proud of your heritage or you want to share the love for Canada, these coasters make a wonderful gift choice.

Versatile Use: Ideal for everyday use, special occasions, or as decor in your home, these coasters are versatile and stylish.

Protect your surfaces and celebrate Canada's natural beauty and culture with the S/4 Glass Coaster 4x4" Moose Canada and Maple Leaf Canadian Premium Souvenir Gift. These glass coasters are a statement of elegance and national pride.