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Canada Souvenir Gifts

Canada Maple Green Tea- 24 Tea Bags

Canada Maple Green Tea- 24 Tea Bags

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Experience the unique fusion of flavors with Canada Maple Green Tea. This pack contains 24 tea bags, each a delightful blend of the refreshing taste of green tea and the sweet, natural flavor of Canadian maple.

This tea offers a unique taste experience that captures the essence of real Canadian maple and the revitalizing properties of green tea. The result is a soothing beverage that is both comforting and invigorating, leaving a lasting impression on your palate.

Perfect as a souvenir gift from Canada or for a personal treat, the Canada Maple Green Tea is a celebration of Canadian flavors. Enjoy it on its own, or pair it with our Pure Maple Syrup Candies for an enhanced maple experience. Experience the true taste of Canada with every sip! We’re proud to bring these quality products to you.

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