Canada maple Leaf Themed Refrigerator Magnet

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Introducing the Canada Maple Leaf Themed Refrigerator Magnet, a beautiful and patriotic addition to your kitchen decor. This high-quality fridge magnet showcases the iconic Canadian National Flag in the form of a golden-edged masterpiece, epoxy finished to perfection.

Canadian National Flag Design: This magnet prominently features the Canadian National Flag, with a captivating golden edge that adds an elegant touch to your kitchen or any magnetic surface.

Epoxy Finished: Crafted with an epoxy finish, this piece ensures a glossy, polished look that enhances its durability and overall appeal, making it a striking addition to your home decor.

Elevate your home decor and showcase your love for Canada with the Canada Maple Leaf Themed Refrigerator Magnet, a stylish and beautifully finished patriotic statement.